The goddess of diamond dust has appeared !






It was  in the depths of the forest of Hokkaido in the middle of winter  at a temperature below -20 degrees.  Something was about to happen  at dawn.






For some reason animals have gathered in a certain place on the snow.







Animals stopped  around one place.  They were as if they were waiting for something.







After a while, glittering diamond dust began to dance.  And a dazzling sun pillar appeared in front of them.






The goddess of diamond dust has appeared in the center where  sun pillar shining.






The goddess of diamond dust listened to the words of the animals for a while. And she told them something at the end, in words that human don’t understand.







She closed her eyes after talking to them, and she raised her hands  and crossed.

After that, glow of the sun pillar became more intense, and her body began to float in the air.






She climbed high in the sky in the sun pillar where diamond dust glitters.

Eventually her figure disappeared.



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